4 Days in Japan With Family & Our Advice to Save Money

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Japan was not a country we planned in our family tour around the world. After spending more than 6 months in Asia and 3 months in Oceania, Asia was missing. So we added Japan to our itinerary. And it was a very good idea: it allowed us to see another Asia. Japan as we have seen it seemed to us really at the crossroads between this Asia a little chaotic, but so alive that we love so much (but, which also tires us sometimes) and the Western world. And by applying Hotels Dotcom Coupons at the hotel booking, we saved some money, which helped us to enjoy a nice mix that we liked very much.


For our first trip to Japan, we did rather “simple”. That is to say, we integrated the inevitable, while taking care not to make great distances but allowing us a little getaway off the beaten track to see another Japan than that of the big megacities.


So, our first step was Tokyo. This giant megalopolis (pleonasm?) Of more than 13 million inhabitants was a good surprise for us who do not generally like big cities. We found it very airy, paradoxically quite quiet and full of nature with many parks.

In addition to “our” neighborhood, we went for walks in different parts of the Japanese capital. The latter being so big, we targeted a few places and then we lose ourselves:

The imperial palace: it looks great, but we were a little disappointed to be able to see it from a distance (the site is closed to the public). There are nevertheless near the gardens and the beautiful Tokyo station that made us happy.

The Hamarikyu garden: a large and pretty garden by the river. We booked a river facing hotel at low price by using the Hotels Dotcom Coupons. We went there because a boat was leaving from our neighborhood of Asakusa. And since we like boating and parks, it was a great combo!

Akihabara: nicknamed “Electric Town”, this district is that of geeks of all kinds. Computer shops, video game consoles, manga, theme bars, etc. All with neon signs very colorful. A nice dive in the unbridled Tokyo.


In conclusion, we really liked Japan. A country that combines beautiful landscapes and tasty gastronomy can only be a hit for us. Sure that we will come back one day to explore other corners and taste other dishes! And we definitely going to book the hotel by using the Hotels Dotcom Coupons to save money on each booking.

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